24 June – 26 July 2015

Open during normal theatre hours only.

Words by the curator, Gaz.

To celebrate the Above The Stag Theatre being part of the LGBT+ PRIDE IN LONDON festival we invited ten gay photographers to interpret in their own individual styles and tastes of the word DRAMA.

At first glance it might not be immediately obvious but theatre and photography share a lot in common. Both require creativity, artistry and technical ability with staging, lighting, costumes, props, the portrayal of characters and events (factual or fictional), but there is something more fundamental in common than all that.

To capture the audience in the moment requires a great story in the first place, a narrative told in a way to portray the emotions of the piece to the viewer and for the viewer to be enveloped with in that emotion through the conviction of the telling of that story. For either a theatrical or photographic piece to work this has to happen. The audience demands it.

To illustrate this we invited nine gay photographers to interpret in their own individual styles and tastes the word DRAMA. Some pieces represent dramatic moments in their own or their subjects lives, some their daily subject matter as photographers, for others – reflections and observations.

The stage is set, enjoy the performance.

The Photographers
Leigh Carter, Nicolas Chinardet, David Cook, Gaz, Simon Lamrock, Desmond Lingard, Steven Power, Dean Stockings and Geoff Titley.

Exhibition Curator: Gaz
07961 453 109